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PlayMindcrack is a minecraft minigame server with a twist. Join the official minecraft server of the Mindcrackers and play some unique games with a fun community, all of which is completely free to play!

We don't believe in Pay to win, everything can be unlocked in time. But if you want to help keep PlayMindcrack Running, become a Patron! There's a bunch of cool benefits for it!

Progress towards bonus weekend!

If the goal is reached, the weekend starting on Sat November 28 will be a bonus gold weekend! If not, buy patron or silver now and help us reach the goal!

Become a patron! Buy Silver!

Current Multiplier: None
Goal: 1.5x
9.83% 9.825% Complete

Mindcrack Marathon and Free Patron!

Posted by: Olmok on Nov 7, 2015

In the spirit of giving, we're giving everyone that donate more than $25 to Mindcrack Marathon's fundraiser for Extra Life 30 days of free patron!

If you already have patron on your account, the 30 days will be added to your existing balance, otherwise it'll start counting from the day you made the donation! This works retroactively, so if you have already donated and entered a valid Minecraft-username, you should already have received your 30 days! Remember to enter a valid Minecraft-username once you have donated so that we know who to give it to!

About the Marathon

For the last several years, the Mindcrack group has worked with various charities to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. This year, and for the second consecutive year, they're working #forthekids with Extra Life, in support of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The Marathon will take place in the Xbox Students in San Francisco, with 17 of the Mindcrackers attending in person and participating in gaming for 48 consecutive hours, starting at 9 PM PST on Friday, November 6.

For all the information on the marathon and to watch the marathon visit

To donate, click here

November Update - New Voting System

Posted by: t3hero on Oct 30, 2015

Mid-october we announced that we're now actively asking our community to vote for our listing at, with the hopes of reaching a high enough ranking that we'd be able to attract more players to our servers and games. We got a lot of feedback on what the community was hoping to see from such a change, and we've implemented a few changes!

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Vote for us and get free silver!

Posted by: Croswat on Oct 17, 2015

You all know it, we all know it - our player count sucks. Let's face it, our numbers aren't what either of us would want them to be, so we're asking you to help us. By voting for our server over at we hope to garner enough attention to draw new players to our server.

You might be asking yourself "What's in it for me?" - every time you vote (you can only vote once a day), you will get 5 silver next time you log in to a tribe. If you vote every day for a full week (Monday to Sunday), you will be given an additional 15 silver (for a total of 50)!

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Blackbeard 1 0
Camelot 1 0
Crack Attack 2 24
Golden Monocle 1 0
Missile Wars 12 25
Museum 4 1
Nine Lives 1 0
Pajama Jam Time BETA 1 0
Power Juice 1 0
Survival Games 1 0
UHC 5 3
UHC Lobby 1 0
Total 31 68