Sadly the time has come to say goodbye. PlayMindcrack has shut down.

As for why this is happening, some of you are aware from previous posts that we've had some issues with our upstream providers restructuring their systems in the US. Sadly, this meant that we got stuck between a rock and a hard place - all of our options to get out of this situation is either too costly or too time consuming to make it a valid option. As have also been mentioned before, we're not making any money, and that has been the case for most of the time PlayMindcrack has been alive no matter what content we've had. Without the funds necessary, we can't go on any longer and it's suprising that we've been allowed to go on for as long as we've had, with our bills being paid by Guude out of his own pocket.

We would like to extend a thank you to a some people that have been fundamental to make PlayMindcrack what it was, in no particular order;

Our community - for all the great friendships that have been forged, for the hilarious moments and exchanges, for welcoming new players and supporting old players in times of need. PlayMindcrack was primarily it's community, and that can't be shut down. Stay awesome, people.

Our Patrons and Benefactors for supporting us financially and emotionally. Without you, this would've come around much sooner than it did.

Our staff - We doubt we'll ever be able to properly express how grateful we are for the countless of hours the staff has put into to this project - builders, moderators and developers alike. You've been an invaluable resource of support throughout PMC's lifespan.

Guude for funding us, for having the patience to look for the good when all things seemed bad and to sit through unnecessarily long meetings with the managers trying to figure out a way to prevent this from happening.

The management team, for working tirelessly on keeping the server running and the players happy.